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The necessary of the firefighting equipment commencement carried out by the manufacturer are the running-in of the vehicles and training the firefighters manage them. The Unimod company has all the everything that is necessary for effective training as well as exams enabling firefighters to hone their skills while working with the vehicles of our production.

We conduct training activities on site using the equipment specially designed for this purpose. Our specialists also do site visits at fire stations to organaize training.

All members of the cabin crew are trained, including the drivers. The training program includes rules and techniques for using the equipment in case of emergency, rules for storing consumables, safety rules for exploiting vehicles and special equipment, principles of service maintenance and other necessary knowledge and skills.

We have a meeting room which allows to study the firefighting equipment including examinations. Courses and exams are organized by our company.

In addition to basic training firefighters units recommended regular refresher training of personnel. Practiced competition drivers driving fire engines in emergency conditions, as well as the treatment of equipment designed for extinguishing the fire.


Running machines and training firefighters working on the car manufacturer's forces


The educational training of all members of the fire brigade, including drivers

Refresher training

Competition drivers driving fire engines in emergency conditions, as well as the treatment of fire extinguishing equipment

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