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Our Specialists

Our team has many years of experience in the field of high technologies and engineering.

The Unimod company helps complex departments to carry out their tasks with high efficiency.


Shpakov Anatoly Georgievich
The President of the company

The founder of the business. He has work experience in the aerospace industry. He has been working in leadership positions and in the Board of Directors for many years. He was the first to develop many new products and manufacture special equipment in the field of engineering. He is actively engaged in innovation activities.

Shpakov Nikita Anatolyevich
First Deputy Director General

He is engaged in the management and development of the business. He controls finances and production.

He puts innovative ideas into practice, and as a result we get highly efficient products and solutions. Using his deep knowledge of the industry he contributes to patenting and inventing new products .

Shpakov Artyom Anatolyevich
Executive Director

He develops and applies commercial strategies to give access to designed and innovative products. He plays a key role in the development of corporate and foreign economic relations.

Saikhanurov Nurislam Khamitovich
Production Manager

He has many years of work experience in the aerospace industry. He is responsible for the production system and culture. By working with various components and systems, he manages to achieve the highest results.

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