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The business was set in 1995 and we have been developing it and our team ever since.
Now it's a family business, which we are proud of. The base which is built up on our principles, mission and values, is always relevant.

Nowadays it is a dynamically growing, innovative engineering company that addresses all of the needs of the consumers, produces high quality products.

Moreover, our company is a full cycle one – that means we know their customers, develop innovative technical solutions for complex units, produce high quality products, provide services, trainings, test products and equipment!

The geography of our deliveries
Middle East
South East Asia

While developing and producing, as well as using our products we take into account the recommendations of the operating units.

At present, our products are used in Russia and in all CIS member states, as well as in Africa, the middle East, South-East Asia.

We work with the following companies
Products engineering process
Water tenders and specialied vehicles
You can see our own products being developed and designed, from bodywork components to a completely finished product
High-altitude vehicles
We development and manufacture its lower and upper parts as well as the fully assembled vehicle
Additional equipment
Design, testing and certification

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